Monday, May 9, 2016

Long-Term Value when Buying an Investment Property

If you have an interest in acquiring an investment property, you might be wondering what’s in store for the long-term value. Two basic factors affect value, including supply and demand. The two factors are affected by a myriad of other factors such as affordability, financing, tax laws, among others.

When planning to buy a particular property, it is advisable to have your solicitor carry out various checks. The inspections should include finding out if the property is in a mining area, a flood risk area, and to also find out if the area and the property are worth your investment.

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The geology of the designated region, as well as other factors like the property’s design and the occupancy habits must be investigated. As a landlord, you expect a risk-free property. Those with an estimation of close to 10% are characterised as immediate risk areas, and those with over 30% estimation are termed as higher risk areas.

Invest in a Credible Agent

From your decision to invest in real estate to purchasing your rental property in London, a lot has to be done. It is advisable to get a real estate agent who will take an unbiased approach within your investing range.

The future value of your property will rely on the neighbourhood, property taxes, listings, the job market, and amenities. Stay on top of market insights and get good value for your investment by hiring a professional real estate agent.

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