Friday, February 19, 2016

Top 5 Tips for Making Your Home More Sellable

Selling your home may be a very stressful time, but there are ways in which you can reduce this unwanted angst and make the whole process an enjoyable. By following these simple steps you can make your house more appealing and therefore reduce the time that it is on the market.


Don't take the homely feel from your house, but it's also not very appealing to seem a kitchen side full of dishes, an overabundance of ornaments and paperwork spread everywhere.

Fix and Clean

All of those little paint chips and broken doors will look like work to a possible buyer, but can be fixed quickly and cheaply before they even see it.

Make Your House Lighter

Light and airy sells, so if you have the chance to give your home a lick of paint, then do so. You can also open all the windows draw back the curtains when you have a viewing.

Have the Right Smells

Catering for every scent is a must during house viewings, so leave a loaf of bread baking in the over and arrange some fresh bouquets around your home.

Conversions for Cash

If you have the spare money, then adding a room over your garage or placing a conservatory on the back of your home can put up the price of your home. If you don't have the option to do this, then get the planning permission to do so; this will entice in prospective owners and raise your selling price.

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