Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Make the Most of Your London Investment by Renting it Out

With the number of London landlords investing in properties rising by 71 percent during January 2016, it appears the Chancellor's pending stamp duty proposals have caused a market flurry. If you're one of the many investors who's built on their London property portfolio, you may want to consider renting your property out.

Making the most of the student market

While there's no shortage of those looking to let in London, many landlords find that the student market is particularly lucrative. For example, those students looking to rent near to Imperial University are often willing to pay premium prices. If renting to students doesn't appeal to you, there's young professionals, families, and those who are new to the London area.

Making your life as a landlord easier

If you want to focus on the business aspects of building your portfolio while making money from your latest investment, why not turn to the services of a real estate firm? By using a company such as No Mortgages, you can find tenants who meet your needs while using a pay as you go contract. In addition to making the lettings process easy, this service saves you money.

While rental prices continue to rise in London yet remain stable nationwide, now's the time to capitalise on your property investment.

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