Tuesday, March 22, 2016

One Of Your Most Important Rights As A Tenant In London

It can be somewhat difficult to find a good place to stay in London. The city is an attractive place to live, and that means that sometimes, it can be harder to afford than one would like. This results in many prospective tenants looking harder or even relying on rental agencies to find and secure places to live.

Although less visible in shared apartments than in private renting, renting almost always involves a landlord's presence. The average landlord has their best interests in mind as well as the tenant's, but knowing one's rights is still important.

There are multiple types of tenancy in London: fixed-term tenancy and periodic tenancy are the two most important types for the purpose of the important right this article discusses. That important right is simple: if you have a fixed-term tenancy, a landlord cannot increase your rent for its duration.

In rare cases, a landlord may refuse to accept rent. However, if you write a letter to the landlord and store your rent money, you are "in the green" and your landlord cannot legally evict you.

It also bears noting that in some cases, such as with most shared apartment complexes, the tenancy agreement may state that the landlord can raise one's rent. In this case, your right to provide rent still applies.

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