Saturday, April 30, 2016

3 Important Rules of Etiquette to Know When You Rent a Room in London

When you rent room in London, you're saving money, sometimes a great deal of it. Not everyone can live lightly enough to rent, but it’s not impossible--although it would require whittling down your personal possessions by a great deal. The benefits are numerous, though: there are more opportunities for socialization, thanks to your housemates, and your share for rent is lower, among others.

Still, there are a few things to remember as a """"lodger"""" – this essentially means that you are merely renting a room from a landlord who owns and lives in the same house. If you can abide by or at least understand these, you'll be well-suited to the lodging lifestyle!

1. Understand your landlord's needs and they'll understand yours

If you're a mother, or your landlord is, you have to be able to deal with children, or vice versa. That's just one example. Be as clear about these things as the terms of your tenancy!

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